Plan Your Pilgrimage

Spiritual Preparation

Although there is physical effort involved when preparing for your journey, a pilgrimage is essentially a spiritual experience.  It is recommended that pilgrims take some time before the start to prepare for this.

Self-Guided Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage is a unique journey with a sacred purpose which requires both physical and spiritual preparations. We all want to have a unique and wonderful experience.  Wondering what to do now that you have decided to embark on your journey of sacred purpose?

Guided Pilgrimages

El Camino offers individual and group pilgrimages to the San Antonio Missions.  Pilgrims may journey to the missions by walking, driving or cycling.  The guided pilgrimage is ideal for youth groups, parishes, schools and retreats.

Register for Your Pilgrimage

El Camino de San Antonio Missions offers multiple certificate options, for pilgrims who walk, bike, or drive the entire pilgrimage route.

Share Your Camino Story

Your experience on the El Camino de San Antonio Missions trail can help inspire future generations of pilgrims.  Share you story and photos here.


Do you still have questions about El Camino de San Antonio Missions?  Let us help you find the answers you are looking for.