Pilgrimage Preparation for Catholics

Spend time reflecting on your pilgrimage

  • Many go on pilgrimage to fulfill a promise, in thanksgiving, in supplication and to seek forgiveness – however, there are many other reasons including to deepen faith and search for the divine.
  • What has led you to undertake the El Camino de San Antonio Missions? What are your intentions? Do you desire to draw closer to God? To find meaning in your life?
  • Pilgrimage involves leaving distractions and obstacles behind. Are you willing to leave distractions to draw closer to the sacred and a more authentic life?


Before your pilgrimage, partake of the Sacrament of Reconciliation which offers forgiveness and draws you closer to God.

Pray for a successful pilgrimage

We need to make room in our hearts and minds for God to do His work during a pilgrimage. It is easier to hear God’s message on the pilgrimage trail if we have built good prayer habits before the pilgrimage. Add some daily prayer and consider additional prayers to the Saints of the Missions including St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. John of Capistrano, and Mary Immaculate. Because the Virgin of Guadalupe is very significant to all the Mission Churches, you may want to add a devotion to her. Praying a daily Rosary is an easy way to add brief, pilgrimage-specific prayers and remember to pray for your journey as well as that of other pilgrims and people you may meet along the way.

Add intentions of others

Ask friends and family if they have prayer intentions you can pray for during your journey. Collect the prayers and remember to pray for them along your journey.